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Continuing Education

Links to Virtual Classroom will be sent at 8am the DAY BEFORE the scheduled class.


Virtual (9a-1p)

  • March 12th

  • March 23rd (Saturday)

  • April 4th

  • April 26th

  • May 11th

  • May 24th

  • May 31st

  • June 4th

  • June 10th


Virtual (9a-1p)

  • March 14th​

  • April 27th (Saturday)

  • May 28th

  • June 6th

Navigating the Mortgage Maze : A Tale of TRID


  • April 27th (1:30-5:30p)

  • May 25th (9a-1p)

  • June 4th (1:30-5:30p)

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